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Research: applied cochlear mechanics; early diagnosis of hearing loss

Research: auditory development and language processing in children with hearing loss

Research: biology of auditory learning; influences of sound experience on auditory processing

Research: neural mechanisms controlling the voice and the larynx

Research: nature and basis of language impairment in autism and related neurogenetic disorders

Research: bilingualism and multilingualism; brain’s ability to accommodate multiple languages at the same time

Research: swallowing disorders, voice disorders, respiration and swallowing coordination, and swallowing impairment and rehabilitation following head or neck cancer

Research: typical and atypical reading and language development

Research: language and acquired cognitive-communication disorders in adults with neurodegenerative disorders

Research: family-centered early communication interventions for young children with language delays

Research: development of time-coding mechanisms in the auditory brainstem using electrophysiological approaches

Research: otoacoustic emissions and hair cell physiology

Research: communication problems associated with hearing loss; hearing devices; clinical decision-making

Research: normal and disordered language; language recovery following brain damage; aphasia

Research: language development and processing in children from bilingual and language minority homes

Research: auditory learning; psychoacoustics

Research: attention and auditory processing skills in learning